I live in the desert. why do i need rain gutters?

Rain gutters are an incredibly important, yet often overlooked addition to area homes and businesses. Although we are in the desert, las vegas actually has a monsoon rain season.


How can not having rain gutters be bad for my home or business?

Even if you live in an area where rain is not that common, like here in the desert, any amount of rainfall has the potential to damage the foundation of a structure. Entryways without gutters can let rainfall back up underneath doorways, seriously damaging flooring and more. The cost of installing rain gutters is minor compared to the cost of catastrophic repairs to a foundation or interior damages.


Why should i get my rain gutters from american builders?

There are few, if any, other companies that can truthfully tell you they have been doing business in the las vegas valley area continuously for over three decades. and the bottom line is: you don’t last long in any business by doing substandard work. While a handyman can install rain gutters, he may not be aware of the process that ensures the gutters are installed correctly. Quality: it’s why so many builders, roofing companies and homeowners come back to us again and again.


Don’t the builders have to put rain gutters on homes and buildings?

No. some builders will offer rain gutters as an option to the buyers, or they will put up gutters at the main entry. This minimal installation may not meet all of the needs to properly divert runoff. Uncontrolled runoff can ruin expensive landscaping, too.


How can i tell if i have enough rain gutters?

One simple way to tell is to just take a walk around the outside of your home or building. Look for any of the following as signs you may need more gutters: paint splitting or peeling at the bottom of walls and doors; mud/dirt splattered on your walls or stucco; grooves worn into dirt pathways or your landscaping; moss or mildew on your walls.