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American Builders Las Vegas are proud, licensed installers and distributors of Sunesta Awnings & Outdoor Comfort products.  These awnings are a Las Vegas home owner’s dream come true. They provide easy shade for windows, doors, patios, and more, and are customizable with different fabric options, colors, and size. No matter where your house is located you can make sure that the proper shade is in place during the day to help keep your home and family cool.

If you are searching for residential or  Awnings Las Vegas then there is no need to look any further than us at American Builders Las Vegas. We can help you design and install any of the amazing customizable Sunesta retractable awnings and other products.
Not sure which product is the right fit for you? Take a look at the options below for more information, and then give us a call for any further questions.

Sunesta Patio Awnings

The Sunesta

The Sunesta is an excellent choice for simple, yet effective retractable patio awnings. With a max possible projection of 14′ 8″ and possible widths of up to 40′, you can be sure that your patio will be able to get the shade that it needs. 
The Sunesta can be mounted to walls, ceilings and even roof locations, and sports smart fold technology that allows it extend for large projections and fold tightly. The Sunesta also features has a front bar drop valance so that you can protect your patio area from horizontal sunlight during the morning or evening.

Other features include hundreds of color options for the screen and multiple colors for the frame, addable lights for night ambiance, wireless control options, and much more. Check out all the amazing features in the brochure.

The Sunstyle

If you live on a hill or have windows on the east or west side of your home, then you probably have the problem where the sun shines directly into your house during different parts of the day. This not only makes it hard to see, but can also drastically increase the temperature inside the home.

The Sunstyle retractable awning by Sunesta counters direct sunlight from invading your home by having an adjustable arm pitch, which allows the home owner to adjust the angle of the awning to account for lower angles of the sun.  Dimensions available include a projection of up to 11′ 6″ and a possible width of 40′. See the brochure for more details.

The Sunlight

The Sunlight sports the same pitch angle technology as the Sunesta and is the perfect option for smaller patios. Available max dimension are a projection of up to 10′ and possible width of 24′ that can be made to the inch to better accommodate the smallest of areas.

See the brochure for more details.

Sunesta Door & Window Awnings

The Sundrop

The Sundrop was designed to keep the sun off of windows, doors, and porches. Possible dimensions include a width of 2-18′ and a projection of 24-60″. The Sundrop can be extended as a shade, or as the name suggests, dropped down to cover the entire window or other opening, and block out the sun. This is especially handy in rural areas, or in other locations where the home is isolated and without nearby buildings, trees, or convenient obstacles to block out the rising and setting sun. See the brochure for more details.

The Sunbrero

For those who live in urban or suburban areas the under-the-roof angle of the sun much less of a problem, which is why the Sunbrero is the perfect choice for homes or businesses in those areas.

The Sunbrero’s design is similar to that of a canopy, and has available dimensions of a width of 1’6″ to 24′, and a projection length of 16″ to 60″ depending on how many ribs your custom designed Sunbrero awning has. Ribs create curve in the angle of the projection, and you can have 2-5 ribs in your design. 

This retractable door and window awning has many customizable features to help it match perfectly to the unique style of your home. Check out the brochure to see more details.

Retractable Screens

The Sentry

When it comes to retractable screens Sunesta’s Sentry is the top option.  With customizable size options of up to 26′ wide and up to 18′ long you can use it to cover your windows, your garage, or your patio area to give you the protection you need from the weather, insects and or the sun. 

Other features include different mounting styles, a vast selection of possible colors, 3/4″ weatherproofed brush to seal that creates the perfect seal, easy smart controls, and much more. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors on your own terms then the Sentry Retractable Captured Edge Screen is worth looking into. See the brochure for more information.

The Sunroll

If you are looking for a simpler screen option for sun protection then the Sunroll may just be what you need. These retractable screens give you complete vertical sun control for all covered outdoor spaces. They work great for patios, balconies, gazebos and more. 

The Sunroll has 2 different options each with their own possible dimension sizes. The traditional Sunroll with the weight pipe is the largest and has available widths of 20′ and length of up to 12′.  The drop bar and cable option has available widths of up to 16’ and drops up to 12’. Different cover, frame, and fabric options are available. Both options have over 130 acrylic color choices, and 40 colors for fabric screens. Check out the brochure for more details.


Key Features of Sunesta Awnings

Customizable Colors

We mentioned it already above, but being that there are so many available color choices for each kind of Sunesta sunshade and awning, we felt it was pertinent to mention it again. Each retractable awning has options for 3-4 different colors for the frame as well. We are sure that between the two we can help you find a great color set to match or compliment your home.

Wireless Controls

Sunesta products have a key advantage over many of their competitors in that their products are remote controlled through wireless sensors. The majority of which can even be controlled from your phone. This is especially handy in Las Vegas as it allows for the homeowner to put retract their awnings in the case of a sudden storm, or extend them before heading home so that the house is shaded for when they get back.

Weather Resistant Technology

Originally designed in Florida, these awnings know how to handle a storm, and while Las Vegas isn't known for hurricanes, it does have its occasional seasons of bad weather. With Sunesta retractable awnings you don't have to worry about your awning being torn away by sudden gusts of wind before you can retract it. Thanks to the added flexibility given by the retractable arms, the Sunesta patio awning is wind resistant, giving you sufficient time to put it away, so that it can keep serving you when the sun comes back out.

Dimmable LED Lights

Create the perfect night ambience with attachable LED lights. Keep the lights low to enjoy the evening, or increase it to brighten up your backyard or patio area.

Product Protection Features

Sunesta has created different options to help extend the life of your retractable awnings including an aluminum hood with a weather seal, a 360° cassette style fabric protector, and the Sunboot acrylic fabric cover.

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