Copper rain gutters are durable, incredibly beautiful and have an average “life expectancy” of around fifty years. There’s that incredible shine when first installed and then the patina that comes with time.


Copper rain gutters southern nevada

Rain gutters are an incredibly important, but often neglected and forgotten, aspect of your house. Even if you do not live in a particularly rainy area, any amount of rain that does fall can potentially damage your house and its foundation. Especially if your house does not have rain gutters. As rain gutters are situated high above your head, right under the eaves of roofs, there is a good chance that you simply forget that they are there and therefore forget to maintain them; poorly maintained rain gutters can cause just as many problems as a lack of rain gutters.


why you need rain gutters

Although southern nevada in general, is not known to be a rainy region, it still gets an average rainfall of about 6 inches per year, which is more than enough rain to be able to cause structural and foundational damages to houses. Even though 6 inches of rain may seem like nothing compared to the rainfall that places like seattle and portland experience, the thing about rain in southern nevada is that it all tends to happen within a short time span.

The majority of rainfall in southern nevada occurs during the late spring and early summer, within a span of about four months or so, meaning that a good portion of those 6 inches of annual rain will affect your house within a matter of several weeks. It should also be noted that every few years, el nino makes an appearance in southern nevada, which can cause a tremendous amount of rainfall in the region, making houses without or with inadequate rain gutters even more susceptible to damages caused by the rain. Remember 1984?

All that rainfall in such a short amount of time will, accordingly, allow large pools of water to form just about everywhere for days on end. Rainwater that falls on your roof will slide down off the side and pool on the ground right below, at the base of the house. All that pooling water can cause serious damage-especially when they form around the bases of houses. The larger the pool of water and the longer it remains, the greater the chance that water will seep in through the foundation and exterior siding of your house, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damages.

By installing adequate rain gutters on your house, you can ensure that any rainwater runoff from the roof doesn’t end up pooling up at the base of your house. The rain gutters will lead the water away to a predetermined area where it cannot affect the structure of your house or its foundation.

Don’t let the rainfall in southern nevada catch you off guard! protect one of your biggest investments by installing adequate rain gutters for you house-it can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the future.


Rain gutter maintenance

Having rain gutters is virtually useless if you fail to properly maintain them. Gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris can cause pretty much the same problems as a house that does not have rain gutters at all, as clogged gutters will allow rainwater to fall around the base of the house due to the lack of proper outlet. Additionally, the stagnant water that builds up in clogged gutters is a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.