Commercial patio covers/shade structures

Patio covers or shade structures aren’t just for homes. Installing a cover/shade structure at the entry to your business has multiple benefits: your customers have a break from the summer sun, stay dry in the rain and your business can actually lower its energy usage by not having the blazing sun on the front windows. A user-friendly entryway can help attract customers who might otherwise not stop in! and, depending upon your type of business and its location, you might even consider adding a cover so your customers have a shaded/covered area to sit outdoors.

Our covers and shade structures are made of aluminum that is guaranteed not to split, warp, peel, crack, or rot like those constructed of wood. Available in seven colors and four different end cap choices, we should be able to match the exterior color scheme of your building.

A shade structure at muli-family apartment/condominium communities are also a good idea. If your community has a park or walking/biking trails, adding a free-standing shade structure is sure to be appreciated by many.

Does your apartment/condominium community experience illegal dumping by unscrupulous outsiders? Let american builders help by putting up dumpster gates and/or a cover. Our gates and covers can help deter illegal dumping while beautifying the area in general.